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Trendkill designers

Design Strategy

Working close with design and marketing departments to meet business goals and users' needs

Interaction Design

Creating dynamic digital prototypes and user workflows to inform interface and visual designs

Interface Concepts

We take product ideas and transform them into inspiring and beautiful interface concepts

Our Design Process

Iterative Design Map by Trendkill designers

Starting with business goals analisys we build product concepts and run user tests to get real customer feedback

Every business is driven by its own goals and mission. To build successfull product we need to get them right.

We start from gathering critical information from stakeholders and real users to inform design: customer segments and their needs, competition and technology.

We build product concepts using paper prototyping and sketching techniques based on primary user behavioral scenarios, and run user tests with customers. Then we refine till succeed.

Dynamic prototyping helps us to get live users feedback and solve interaction issues.

Visual part comes last but not least. We pick several reference visual styles to choose the right visual direction. Then we test visuals and refine once again.

Our Clients

Since 2007 our work was featured inside plenty of digital businesses and startups. Here are few to name:

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